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A Simple Short Definitive Guide to your Vegan Chocolate

Should not contain any ingredient derived from animals such as dairy product and dairy related products such as milk solids, milk fat, casein, and whey. Is entirely made from the plant-based ingredients,
By : CKDC Comms | Mar 11, 2018

Hunting for that perfect Vegan Easter Egg?

Suddenly, Easter arrives and is accompanied with the inundation of all varieties and species of Easter eggs. Whether you prefer the nutty,dark or chocolatey Easter egg, there’s something for everyone.However as a
By : CKDC Comms | Feb 28, 2018

CKDC Enterprise Launches a New Website

We at CKDC Enterprise have been working very hard in past few months to launch a brand new website. Our aim is to give our customers access to our services as well
By : CKDCAdmin | Jan 1, 2018