We at CKDC Enterprise have been working very hard in past few months to launch a brand new website.
Our aim is to give our customers access to our services as well as provide an e-commerce platform for our customers to shop with us with ease.

In the coming months we would be adding more features including:

  • e-Catalogue to display our goods
  • Paypal payment system
  • Stripe payment system
  • 1-2-3 click Order process

For those of you who have known and shop with us on our Amazon platform, we would still continue to sell through our Amazon store front.

We believe that in addition to selling on Amazon platform, selling via our website would give you more options of e-commerce platforms to use. And you never know, you may enjoy further price discounts than you already enjoyed buying through our Amazon Storefront when you buy directly from our website.

We look forward to providing you with the best customer experience possible.

For our corporate and mortgage clients, the new website also provides a good platform for you to relate with us and we hope to take advantage of technology to serve you better.

Please do visit our website regularly as we add more features to make your online journey easier.


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