Sweet or Savoury? Does your taste define you as a person?

Did you know that, the American Psychological Association conducted a study of 55 college students and rated their affinities for 50 different foods in the five major taste types: sour, sweet, bitter, spicy and salty. Findings concluded that the students who liked sweets had a higher level of agreeableness, which also meant they were more likely to be cooperative, compassionate and amicable.

Salt-lovers who chow down on foods like pizza and french fries, go with the flow and have what’s called an “external locus of control.” In other words, they believe that outside forces like fate — not their own actions — determine the path of their future. They take things in stride and don’t stress over the bad sh*t because what happens is supposed to happen. Interesting.


As for you spicy food loversyou’re risk takers. But I think you probably already knew that. You’re the kind of person to take risks not just in life, but also with food. While everyone else shies away from trying crocodile meat, you gladly take on the challenge because it adds to the list of cool sh*t you’ve done. Basically, everyone else should aspire to be a little more like you.

For those who like the taste of bitter foods, I have some not-so-great news. It turns out you’re the most likely to have psychopathic personality traits. That means that if you like your coffee black or enjoy the taste of beer over wine, you might be narcissistic, malevolent and take pride in inflicting pain on others.

Hmmmm…so what’s the verdict and do you think agree with it?